We are KIND, the charitable pool.

Working together to use ADA for social good. ​


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Cardano staking pool GIVING BACK

Giving BACK

Kind Staking Pool Mission

Our Mission

The mission to turn CARDANO into charitable giving is a large part of what drives KIND Stake Pool.

It means a lot to us when we join forces with other charitable people (Delegators) that share a similar commitment to making a difference in the world and help give back.

Through the KIND Staking Pool, not only you will earn great staking rewards, but you’ll also contribute to continuing all of the charitable initiatives we value.


Giving Back to Charities

Let’s make a difference together
Your delegation helps others!

Every month we give 25% of OUR operating fees (Margin) to a deserving CHARITY

Cardano-Pool-Giving-Back to Save-the-children charity
Save The Children

Save the Children does whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

Cardano-Pool-Giving-Back to The_Water_Project charity
The Water Project

You can help end the water crisis and restore hope. Together we'll provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa - one community at a time.


Veritree leverages Cardano blockchain technology to provide planting organizations with an integrated planting management platform

Surfrider foundation

The Surfrider Foundation USA is a U.S. 501 grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world's oceans, waves and beaches.

Cardano Staking pool community

Giving Back to our Generous Delegators

Every month, we randomly select Generous* Delegators and send them up to $250 worth of ADA.

*Only delegators delegating more than 5K ADA to our Pool are entered in the draw.



Delegate to a Pool that Actually Gives Back and Does Good.
Pool Fee


Monthly Give Away

$200 to a Lucky Delegator

Charity Donation

25% of OUR operating fees


100 K ADA Pledged

Frequently asked questions

By holding and Staking your ADA, you will assist the network with validating blocks and earn a passive return on investment.

Check our Step by step guide HERE

Our “Fixed cost” per epoch is 340 ADA, this is the minimum allowable fee to enable us to consistently maintain the pool.

“Profit margin” is the percentage that the operator keeps for himself as a reward. Once the “fixed cost” has been taken, this is the percentage the stake pool will take for themselves from the reward. The rest, if any, is given to delegators.
Our profit margin is 3% of your reward

“Live stake” is the current state of delegated coins to a pool

“Active Stake” is the stake that is currently used by pools, the stake has been snapshotted in the previous Epoch

The saturation point ensures that staking pools do not become centralized. It’s a point at which rewards are essentially capped (not being able to grow any further).
Beyond the saturation point, rewards will decrease, encouraging new (and existing) stakeholders to actively seek other unsaturated pools. This is also a great method of helping smaller Pools grow.

ROA is the Return of ADA annualized. The rewards for staking ADA have been set for approximately 4-6%. The rewards can vary based on stake pool metrics.

The way the Cardano protocol works, is by taking a snapshot of the delegation status for all wallets between each epoch. The delegation choice will then become active 2 epochs later, and the rewards will the be paid out after 1 additional epoch. 


 As an example, the cycle is as follows: 

 Epoch 220: Stake is delegated 

 Epoch 221: Snapshot is taken 

 Epoch 222: Delegation is active

Epoch 223: Rewards are calculated

Epoch 224: Rewards are paid 


In this example, you should see the first rewards in the beginning of Epoch 224. The payment schedule is the same for all pools on Cardano, as the payment of rewards is handled 100% by the protocol itself. Pool operators have zero influence on the payments – we simply make the blocks, and the protocol does the rest.

Pledging provides a mechanism to encourage a healthy commercial ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain. The pledging mechanism is also necessary to protect the system against Sybil attacks.

Anyone holding ADA can stake their coins, there isn’t a minimum amount required

Every month we give 25% of our operating fees (Margin) to charity.
The Kind Pool gives once a month to charity.

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