Ada Is The Native Token Of Cardano

It is named after Ada Lovelace: a 19th-century mathematician who is recognized as the first computer programmer and is the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.

To celebrate her birthday (she was born on 10th December 1815), KIND pool is giving away $400.

This December, we will have not ONE but FOUR $100 lottery, so you could win up to $400

Draw NumberPrizeLottery requirements
1$100Delegated at least 20K ADA
2$100Delegated at least 100K ADA
3$100Delegated at least 500K ADA
4$100Delegated at least 1M ADA
With $100 to be won in each draw, “KIND POOL” rewards generous delegators like no one else. Could you be one of our lucky winners?

Follow the instructions below to join our lotteries

What you could win

You could win up to $400 depending on the amount of your delegation.

Ex: If you delegate 1M ADA, you will be entered in 4 draws, and could win $400 if your number is picked 4 times

How to enter the draw

Step 1:

Delegate at least 20K ADA to our Pool (Ticker: KIND)

Step 2:

Email us to let us know how much you delegated and what was the transaction ID so we can set you up with a delegator ID and enter you in the appropriate draw.


If you delegate 502K ADA, we will enter you in draws 1, 2 and 3.

If you delegate 30K ADA, we will enter you in draw 1.

Important: If you do not email us, you will not be entered in the draws

Lottery Draw

Draws will take place at the end of the month and will be recorded

Same way as the November Draw

Important: Only active delegators who have been delegating to us for at least 3 epochs will be included in the draw.

Email Us your details and good luck

We look forward to your support for this promotion and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make a difference in the world.

The mission to turn CARDANO into charitable giving is a large part of what drives KIND Stake Pool.

Let’s make a difference together.

Your delegation helps others!

Delegate to a Pool that Actually Gives Back and Does Good

Let’s make a difference together, your delegation helps others!

Every month we give 25% of OUR operating fees (Margin) to CHARITIES

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