Giving Back to Charities

Let’s make a difference together
Your delegation helps others!

Every month we give 25% of OUR operating fees (Margin) to a deserving CHARITY

Cardano-Pool-Giving-Back to Save-the-children charity
Save The Children

Save the Children does whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

Cardano-Pool-Giving-Back to The_Water_Project charity
The Water Project

You can help end the water crisis and restore hope. Together we'll provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa - one community at a time.

Cardano-Pool-Giving-Back to against malaria charity
Against Malaria

We help protect people from malaria. We fund anti-malaria nets, specifically long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), and work with distribution partners to ensure they are used.

Cardano-Pool-Giving-Back-pacquiao foundation
Manny Pacquiao

The Manny Pacquiao Foundation (MPF) plays a very important role in the lives of the less fortunate in society, food, housing, but most of all, hope.

Epoch Stats

pochBlocks MintedROSPool Profit (ADA)25%ExtraADA DonationDonation Made
225111.55%194.648.6510001048.65Made on 3/11/2020
226110.93%184.746.175046.175Made on 2/12/2020
22712.81%67.716.925016.925Made on 2/12/2020
22812.12%56.414.1014.1Made on 2/12/2020
22934.69%172.143.025043.025Made on 2/12/2020
23069.66%348.687.15087.15Made on 2/12/2020
23145.98%220.755.175300355.175Made on 2/12/2020
23233.88%151.437.85037.85Made on 1/01/2021
23367.76%303.875.95075.95Made on 1/01/2021
23498.86%394.798.675098.675Made on 1/01/2021
23565.84%267.566.875066.875Made on 1/01/2021
23643.13%164.941.225041.225Made on 1/01/2021
23775.01%289.172.275275347.275Made on 1/01/2021
238106.75%4121030103Made on 1/02/2021
23963.75%24661.5061.5Made on 1/02/2021
24074.73%290.572.625072.625Made on 1/02/2021
2411510.05%633.4158.350158.35Made on 1/02/2021
24295.58%363.990.975120210.975Made on 1/02/2021
243105.90%391.897.95097.95Not Yet
24484.49%303.675.9075.9Not Yet
245134.17%443.1110.7750110.775Not Yet
246237.23%770192.50192.5Not Yet
247236.17%10802700270Not Yet
248112.80%340.985.225085.225Not Yet
Total Donations 3717.85

Donations are made once a month


Thank you so much for your Help

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Your delegation helps others!