Occamnauts dHealth Supernode

dHealth Network is a distributed and community-owned network for healthcare-related transactions that powers a global data-driven healthcare ecosystem. Using Cardano’s next-generation financial contract engine Marlowe, dHealth Network enriches the massive Cardano ecosystem with real-world healthcare use cases. 

dHealth Network Staking: A Walk-Through Guide

A step-by-step guide to staking DHP on the Occamnauts dHealth Supernode

Create a dHealth Network Wallet

Step 1:

Click the download button for the appropriate operating system and run the application

Don’t double click to open (from mac launchpad) but open through Finder – it then adds the extra option of ‘Open’

Step 2:

Open the DHealth Wallet and click on ” Create Mnmonic

Step 3:

Set your Profile Name and Password

Step 4:

click the “Display mnemonic words” button to reveal your 24 secret words

Step 5:

Save your mnemonic passphrase (your 24 words).

Make sure to create a backup copy of the mnemonic passphrase. You will need this backup when trying to recover your profile.

Please, keep this information private. Sharing your mnemonic passphrase with others may put your funds at risk.

Step 6:

Type your mnemonic passphrase to confirm that you did back it up properly

Step 7:

Congratulations, your profile is created.

Read and Accept T&C

Then click the Finish Button

Step 8:

Welcome to your dHealth Network dashboard

Step 9:

Copy your Address and mail it to Ivan

Delegated your DHP

Delegated Harvesting allows receiving rewards from creating new blocks using the account’s importance score without running a node. 


Δ You need at least 2000 DHP to be able to delegate and earn rewards

Step 1:

Click the “Harvesting Tab” (Left column)

Step 2:

To activate Delegated Harvesting you have to link all keys and request a node to harvest for your account.

Please select the “occamnauts.kindstakepool.com” node from the dropdown list. 

Then Press the “Link all keys” button

Step 3:

Press the “Confirm” button.


Step 4:

Your keys are now linked , click the “Request Harvesting” button

Step 5:

You are now harvesting and earning passive rewards.